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We are the company that created the free facebook account hacking software. We are offering it to users free of charge to use, and to hack any facebook account they wish (we do not recommend hacking the accounts of prominent individuals such as celebrities. Anything you do is your responsibility, and this program was not created for malicious intent). Why are we offering this exhilarating program for free? Well, before you can obtain the facebook hack program, you must first complete a short survey, which we do make revenue on. This helps us create new updates for the program, and helps us cover the costs of the labour involved in creating it (a whopping 5 months of coding!). We hope you enjoy everything our facebook password hacker has to offer!


Why Facebook account hacking is important

an article regarding Facebook and Facebook account hacking


Facebook has been described to be a website that managed to do what CIA has been trying to do for more than 50years: reading peoples mind. In one way that relates to the phrase, “whats on your mind” that welcomes you to speak it out on your wall and the fact that Facebook contains more than one’s personal information.

Did you know that Facebook’s founder, Zuckerberg’s account was hacked? Despite Facebook assuring account holders of the impenetrable security that they have in place to protect the users’ accounts, it is evident that there are loopholes within the system. So you can hack Facebook account.

The fact that a Facebook account contains such private information makes it an attractive point of violating another’s privacy when you hack Facebook account. Many Facebook accounts are hacked daily. Some of the ways these accounts are hacked are simple and applicable by anyone. You do not have to be a geek to access another person’s account. You can hack Facebook account through simple logical processes or use a Facebook account hacker. Knowing how to hack Facebook accounts can be taught and learnt by anyone. Here is how to Facebook hack.

Before I take you through how to hack a Facebook account let us know Facebook and its many uses and offers.

What Facebook offers

Since 2004, Facebook has grown exponentially attracting people of all ages and organizations including governments. To others, a Facebook account is more than a personal space it is an asset. To others it is where they tell the whole world how they feel. Other people pass important information through the platform. Facebook offers more than you can think it does that is why Facebook password hackers are passive among the greatest violations one can do to you online.

Most of the time, the use of your Facebook account determines what you gain from it. However, everyone can use his or her Facebook account to add value on how to relate with others. Facebook by design is flexible and adjustable to ways that meet almost every use. If you hack a Facebook account, you can alter the usefulness of the account to the victim and use the victims Facebook hack password for other purposes. The following are what Facebook offers.

Makes Networking Easy

If you ask any businessman or consultant, they will tell you that Networking is at the center of their marketing strategy. Facebook offers networking in a different sense. You can maintain a large active network of people of the same interests through Facebook. Through the platform, you can update members of your network in every development in their area of interest. You can do that by either using your personal account or creating a professional account that is defined by a particular interest. Imagine if you hack Facebook, you get accessed to peoples network and you can control them.

Instant communication

Facebook is instant. Whatever you post on you wall is updated on the platform and is shared will all your friends and if any of your friend comments on the posting, his friends will see the update. By creating a single post, you will be able to instantaneously reach all your friends. The message that is communicated will be shared to all your friends and if you want particular people to get the information, you tag them. With a Facebook hacking software, you can alter the communication of the victim and send the messages you want provided you have the Facebook hack password.

Marketing and promotion

If you need to market a product or service in whichever media either video, pictures or just creative words, Facebook will be the place for you. Facebook was designed to connect people in various ways. As the social media connects people, it gives a good platform to market and promote products and services. It is the contemporary media allowing businesses and individuals to pass their marketing message with ease.

You can post a free add on your wall which will be accessible to your friends only. You can promote your Facebook page to receive many likes. Those who like you page and sign in for updates will be reached with whichever update you make on your page. As a business, you can also advertise through Facebook. The right side of the page is usually reserved for adverts. Your advert can be posted in all the accounts in Facebook.

Quick and easy access

Facebook can be accessed through various medium. You can access your Facebook account through your phone, whichever platform it uses, your computer, and your tablet. All you need to do is get your account details right and sign in. If you have a Facebook App on your smartphone, you can get regular updates instantly. Provided your phone is online, you do not need to sign out of your account. Moreover, every update will come with a notification especially those that are directly meant for you. The quick and easy access to the accounts maker Facebook hack easy. You can use simple Facebook hacking software or Facebook password hacker to hack a Facebook account.

Educative and motivational

Facebook has stood out to be an outstanding avenue through which you can get motivated daily or get the quotes that give you the uplifting that you need. Facebook has also stood out as an avenue for creating awareness and support for issues that affect the society. As a vehicle for mobilization and groups management, Facebook lead to the collapse of regime by creating the needed avenue for public mobilization.

New features

Facebook has continuously improved in performance. The improvements are based on the feedback from the Facebook account holders and borrowing from competitors. Facebook has also improved its security making it a little difficult to hack a Facebook account. However, you can still hack a Facebook account because there are still loopholes left. Among the few adjustments made in Facebook are discussed below.


Did you know that just as you could publish your emotions on whatsApp, you could on Facebook? The smiley face, the sad face, and other emotions are now available on Facebook. Just as you speak you mind on your page, you are able to show your friends what you feel

Your followers

Like twitter, you can be followed on Facebook. Facebook has an option that allows you to be followed by those who are not your friends but are interested in your updates. This feature is common among those with many friends. This is an improvement from the earlier versions of Facebook. If you hack a Facebook account, you will be able to control the followers of the victim.


You can now specify your location on Facebook. This feature is not new but it has added features such as specifying not just the geographical location but also the place. You can indicate that you are in a particular airport or restaurant. The specification comes with a graphical representation or an icon of the place you are in. If you are at the airport, an image of an airplane will be shown on your post. If you hack a Facebook account, you can position the victim wherever you want.

Sharing content

You can share content from a blog, news article or other websites. The presentation in terms of the graphics and writing of the article has been improved in Facebook. Your video will come with a better play icon that integrates it with the Facebook theme. Similarly, the title of the article that you are sharing will be integrated with the common Facebook theme.


You can play games and invite your friends to specific games with Facebook. Playing Games in Facebook is a big deal. You can update the developments in your game and receive and share recognitions during your play.

Now that we know how we can gain from Facebook, let me take you through how to access someone else’s account. Accessing another person account means that you can gain access to their communication channels and send and read messages to and from all those they are connected to while impersonating the account holder.

If you are able to access one’s personal account, you can mold the person personality, break friendships, and create a perception on what the public think of the person. For this reason, to hack Facebook account is a big deal. Having a Facebook account hacker of using whichever way to hack Facebook account is a serious issue.

How to hack a Facebook account.

If you are thinking of how to hack a Facebook account, there are a number of ways through which you can hack Facebook and access the accounts of the people that interest you. The following are the ways to hack a Facebook account. You can either learn how to hack a Facebook account by accessing the account directly or learn how to generate a Facebook hack password.

Reset the password

Resetting the password is the easiest way to hack a Facebook account. However, you have to know the person whose Facebook account password you are hacking. You do not need a sophisticated Facebook account hacker or Facebook hacking software all you need is your friends email login. You can find it in the persons Facebook page in the contact area.

On the Facebook home page, click the forgotten password tab and insert the email login that you have. When their account comes up, you click this is my account’. The page will prompt you to reset the password using the email you provided. Select No longer have access to these? Then select another email that is linked to another Facebook account.

You will be required to respond correctly to a particular question that if you are close to the victim, you will be able to give a correct answer. You can make a guess if you are not close enough with the victim. If you get it correct, then you are a Facebook password hacker because you will be able to reset the password and long in after 24 hours.

If you are unable to get a correct guess, then you will recover your account with the help of a friend. You will choose three to five friends of the victim. You can create five fake friend and send your victim requests. You can then get the password from the fake accounts once it is sent and reset the password.

Use a key logger

You can hack Facebook account using as Facebook hacking software or a key logger. The Facebook password hacker can generate your victim’s password and enable you to hack Facebook account by simply entering the password that you will have gotten. The Facebook account hacker, hack Facebook without the knowledge of the account holder. However, for you to use the Facebook Password hacker, you need to download and install a Facebook password hacker in the victim’s password.

The Facebook hacking software hack Facebook accounts by detecting the keystrokes as soon as the computer is turned on. The Facebook password hacker then hack Facebook account by sending the Facebook password hacker the details or the password of the victim by email. The Facebook hacking software works undetected in the background.

There is also a hardware used to hack Facebook account that operates in the same way as the Facebook hacking software. The hardware Facebook account hacker requires that you connect it to the computer through the USB port making it difficult to use it to hack a Facebook account because it is visible.


The other way of how to hack a Facebook account is by Phishing. You can hack a Facebook account by creating what looks like the Facebook home page but is actually a Facebook password hacker. It is the most popular Facebook hack password approach despite its complication.

To hack Facebook, you send a link connecting the victim with the Facebook password hacker by appearing like the normal Facebook home page account. Once the victim enters his or her password, you will get the Facebook hack password.

With the Facebook hack password, you will gain access to the account. That is how to hack a Facebook account in the most common way. Phishing as a Facebook account hacker allows the hacker too take control of the victims account with ease. However, you have be able to create dummy page in a way that it is able to hack a Facebook account.

Stealing cookies

The other way of how to hack a Facebook account is through stealing cookies. You can hack Facebook by getting the information contained on the cookies. Cookies enable websites to store the user’s information within the hard drive. The information can be retrieved later. The information can be used by a Facebook password hacker to track the user’s session and derive the Facebook page when using the same Wi-Fi connection.

The hackers do not need to get the Facebook hack password but they can clone the victim’s cookies and access the account directly. All the Facebook account hacker needs is a copy of the cookies which he or she will use to deceive the account that it has already been authenticated in the browser. Once that is done, the Facebook password hacker takes full control of the account.

Now you know a lot about Facebook and even how to access other people account. You should learn from the loopholes and device a way of protecting yourself because you can also become a victim.

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